Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Survey of HE Libraries extended to Friday 5 June

Many thanks to colleagues who were able to complete the Shared Services survey by the initial deadline of 22 May. We received 72 responses which represents a substantial sample of the 180 institutions in the UK sector.

The responses are proving to be very informative in terms of patterns and preferences and therefore the Steering Group has decided to extend the closing date to Friday 5 June.

You can access the online survey via the link at

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Steering Group

The Steering Group will play a vital role in the Shared Services Study.

The group, chaired by Anne Bell, is taking responsibility on behalf of SCONUL members and HEFCE (the fiunding body) for more than simply overseeing the work of Sero Consulting and signing off the requisite reports. For example, in Phase 1 (ending 31 July), the Group will be required to select the Options to be taken forward for specification, business analysis, costing and - most important - partnership development.

The members are as follows:

Professor Jane Core [Director of Library and Learning Services, Northumbria University]
Mrs Fiona Parsons [Director of Learning and Information Services, University of Wolverhampton]
Ms Anne Bell [Librarian, University of Warwick]
Ms Suzanne Enright [Director of Information Systems and Library Services, University of Westminster]
Mr Ian Dolphin [International Director, eFramework for Education and Research]
Mr Mark Toole [Director of Information Services, University of Stirling]
Mr Paddy Walker [Consultant, Shared Services Team, HEFCE]

If you'd like to contact the SG directly, feel free to email the Chair's PA -