Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Initial Survey of HE Library Members - from 6 May 09

The Steering Group has agreed that an initial scene setting survey will provide a valuable tool for SCONUL HE members to engage with the issues and opportunities at the start of the study project.

You will have your own opinions regarding desirability and practicability across the potential spectrum of shared service opportunities. We therefore hope you will use this online survey to share those opinions and insights.

The Survey runs from 6 May to 20 May 2009 and will be accessible here and also from the links section on the right of this page.

Please address queries about the survey or the study in general to info@sero.co.uk

Monday, 27 April 2009


Welcome to the blog for the SCONUL Shared Services feasibility study. 

SCONUL has been successful in obtaining funding from HEFCE to undertake a Shared Services feasibility study into the LMS and related systems landscape in UK Higher Education. 

The study is being led by Sero Consulting in partnership with Curtis + Cartwright and Ken Chad Consulting. The Sero team is working closely with the SCONUL Steering Group, chaired by Anne Bell of the University of Warwick. 

Michael Dodd, the Sero Project Manager, is responsible for this blog. We hope it will provide a vehicle for sharing key findings, issues and outcomes. 

The study will address the following key questions

  • What, if any, opportunities exist to develop a shared service response within the current LMS landscape for UK higher education libraries
  • What, if any, opportunities exist to develop a shared service response for a next generation open source LMS for UK higher education libraries
  • Whether there is a viable business case to support any such opportunities 
  • How any such shared service opportunities might be structured, delivered and governed

The study provides opportunity to review the role that Shared Services might play in individual library strategic plans and in enhancing library services across the UK HE sector.

  • Phase 1 of the work (April to July 2009) is about Feasibility - scoping the possibilities, capturing requirements, exploring technical options, developing cost models and, not least, drawing from exemplar undertakings internationally.
  • Phase 2 (August to November 2009) will then develop a preferred option, as agreed by the SCONUL Steering Group, to a full Business Plan, based on standard HEFCE requirements, plus a project plan for a Pilot Project which may attract HEFCE funding.